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The Gift of Honor

The Leader's Role in Praise and Recognition

You can't build great companies without great people!

If praise is reinforcing, what should we praise?

Leaders have been trying to motivate others by commending achievement, but commending achievement is not the key to motivation. Recognizing and praising character is the key which brings lasting success, growth, and development.

How to motivate others to excellence.

Leaders have sought to employ men and women of integrity, cooperation, loyalty, and responsibility but have failed to foster these characteristics in the workplace. The Gift of Honor will give you the tools to motivate others to excellence by recognizing and commending character.

-- Results of this program:--

  • Motivated and loyal employees
  • Improved morale
  • -- You will learn to: --

  • Motivate people to respond nobly to life's challenges.
  • Express specific ways others have benefited your life and the life of your organization.
  • Discover the secret of "going the second mile."
  • Create an environment which builds rapport and team spirit.
  • Prepare a certificate of recognition which will have a lasting impact.
  • Write a treasured letter.

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