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 --- Beverly Chiodo, Ph.D. ----
 "The Doctor of Encouragement"
 National Business Teacher for 1997
Department of Management
Southwest Texas State University
San Marcos, TX 78666
Subject Title: A Gift of Honor
Biographical Information Dr. Beverly Chiodo, Department of Management

Dr. Beverly Chiodo is a business educator at Southwest Texas State University. She is also a consultant and seminar speaker for professional organizations, community programs, and industry. Dr. Jerome Supple, President of SWT, said, "She has won every teaching award this university has to offer." Additionally, she has received state and national recognition for her teaching including National Business Teacher for 1997 by the National Business Education Association. She has also been "Hero of the Day," on CBS national TV program, This Morning.

Program Description The purpose of a session is to enlarge your understanding of what makes communication powerful and effective. Dr. Beverly Chiodo will challenge you with a new perspective on how to motivate others to excellence.

Attend a session -- participate, laugh, cry, practice, and refine -- and leave with the skill (why, what, when, who, and how) to write to influence and motivate others. Your life will be changed as Dr. Chiodo teaches you how to empower others.




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